Summer Season I Think of Ice

bedSo it maybe 100 degree weather outside and this is what I may fantasize about.

Writing just for fun in my blog this summer. Here is my blog about my fantasy igloo apartment.  As you all know summer is a challenge for me for in the past I experience low heat tolerance which created  headaches for me that seem to stagnate my thinking skill level. I constantly have thoughts of Russia because it is colder climate and I am fascinated by the culture because they seem to be more emotionally controlled then most Americans and this thought is my opinion. Often I wish I was Russian for admiration of their seeming natural dominate self discipline which I often feel I  lack sometimes. But here is my blog about my fantasy igloo apartment with actual real amazing images of igloo hotels in even colder places in the world. So here is my recreational journal of wishing I was living in this home during the summer where everything is 60-40 degrees inside and even colder outside. Ridiculously cold. It is senseless but after thinking about this for a while I consciously realize that some people may wish they were somewhere else also and so let us be content one may say. It may seeming icy and dark to want to live in a cold place but I have my reasons for desiring such an environment in summer times. I feel if my head is always cold then I can think better which is not always true in western summer climates and so I often wait for autumn or winter and waste summer away with lazy leisure and carefree activities. Stress is the issue at hand and the sun seems to increase the tension in my head which may last a long time. I rather just do whatever I want during summer season. It seems like an excuse but it only takes 1 minute in the heat for me to feel agitated, mean, and confused and may seem to last all day long. This is what low heat tolerance is and I have even experienced what appears to be manic mentality that seems hard to recover if I am not careful. So here is my igloo fantasy of my ice apartment. Would I really live in this thing if I could? Maybe? But eventually I would want to get out the ice but it is funny to think of being an Eskimo in the world but kind of exciting. (merry laughter)

kitchenThe igloo apartment front door, kitchen and hallway.

Based on Best Ice Hotels In the World


This summer I plan to eat foods and herbs that is been know to lower body temperature and try to work projects. Will it work for me? I am not sure but I want to try to work on projects and not wait until Autumn Season. I feel I should be able but I am not very sure how I will feel. I plan to stay cool and and as unstressed as possible. Whatever happens is generally meant to be is what I will believe. Romans 8:28 on the mind.

home2EskimoThermalIglooThermal Igloo Community

churchigloosnowheartAgain it is a fantasy and we all have them. Stay cool and happy this summer! God bless with love.


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