The Mystery of the Cat


I’m getting back into the mood for writing again. So I am going to talk about one of my favorite animals, the cat. I know some of you are saying a cat! – merry laughter. Yes, the cat. Believe it or not, people can learn a few good lessons from a cat. They are in fact the king of the animal kingdom so we have to appreciate some things. They are communion animals and are in fact spiritual. They are mysterious and God considers them a special animal of leadership and honor. That is probably why there is so much controversy about the cat among people. Let me explain my personal interpretation of the cat from what I have learned from my companion, pet, and friend the cat. Because we love each other I come to understand cats more and more and better than I have before. This dedicated to my previous cat, Hebrew that was kidnapped and my current pet, Israeli. God bless.

People’s Response to Cats and in History

The cat is a very powerful, distinct, and unique animal that can not be ignored. The responses people have toward the feline is admiration, love, fear, hate, curiosity. But I am certain the feelings of people in association with a cat are usually strong opinions, thoughts, and feelings. I also believe that it is a mystery because the cat is one of God’s/Messiah’s favorite animal. He has even titled one of his names after the cat. God of the Hebrew text has titled himself in Victory as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah – as one of his titles of leadership. And his meek and submissive title as “The Lamb of God. Feelings of Christ are very similar in humanities strong feelings towards Christ there are also strong feelings toward the mysterious cat. Time is named after Christ B.C. (Before Christ) and A.C (After Christ). Also in biblical history, the cat was highly revered in Egyptian society as an immortal being. Though I disagree with that belief, we can note the strong esteem to this animal in history and civilization. I do believe that the cat (lion) is considered a holy animal along with the horse and lamb (the lamb as an animal you can eat for it is the sacrificial animal in the bible and considered clean. As unholy animals in biblical symbols being the snake and the pig. But according to New Testament covenant you can eat whatever you want unlike the Old Testament Covenant Convenant without Christ’s sacrifice for people. I have eaten a squid before! – laughter

The Cat’s Language
What I have learned from the cat is the cat communicates in sign language with the tail. From the shape of an N, curve to the head, curve the other direction, low slant, high left slant, vibrating tail, spiked up tail and more. You will find cats talk through tail language. Also, cats talk through the eyes. Cats look deeply into the eyes and prefer to sit quietly and look into one’s eyes as a means to talk. They feel that is a conversation. The relaxed half-lid eyes are what cats believe is the communication of saying “All is well, I am fine, good, okay, nice, I see, and other similar expressions. These can take on a different meaning in given situations. But to appear relaxed is what cats considered the proper and best standard tone in communication. A wide eye stare is not appropriate to cats for they consider that as aggression for they see wide eyes as a sight to prey. Cats are predators by nature and their eyes are very important to catch their prey at night.

How Cats Feel and Think


Think of the cat as a ninja warrior. They enter their new home and jump and tumble under the couch and pull out their nun-chucks and carefully study the new environment to see if all is safe to come out. Just know you have a little Jedi warrior and there is nothing you can do but be the best roommate to your little fighter friend.

The Family Code of Honor and the Cat as Prime Predator

Look me in eyes and blink slowly to prove you speak my language.
Show no fear or die.
Run first and fight last.
Stand-alone to escape alone (Prime rule for survival and elimination).
I am not caught prey. Please do not hold me and especially out in the open.
Stay calm, cool and collected.
Hide pain or become prey (This may sometimes relate to emotions in some situations).
All know other cats are warriors. So watch out!
Steady footsteps is a sign of one’s skills and confidence (Cats land on their feet).
Self Control is the greatest fruit to have.
Peace must come from within.
Be meek, patient, kind, and polite.
Neatness and cleanliness is self-esteem.
Bury our fesses (Part of cleanliness and covering our scent from predators).
We understand we are grafted into the human family (We understand people are the head).
I am a top predator and warrior by nature.
I am the King of the jungle.
Stealth is part of my family ancestry, lineage, and heritage.
If I do not keep this code. I have disgraced the family honor.
Respect is showing love and friendship.

For Your Pet Cat
Cats are like frat club friends. Schedule one day of the week to stay up with your cat at night. For cats are nocturnal and their instinct is to stay up most of the evening for predatory reasons. They know most living creatures are asleep at night. Cats are stalkers by nature. Also, pray to God for the frat club night to be over.

Treats: Most cats love temptation kitty treats, coconut oil, and catnip.

If they are a Siamese cat: The Siamese cat is like the pit-bull of the domestic cat kingdom. Know they are hi-tech athlete acrobats and are going to do allot of tricks and are super smart. Give them another Siamese cat for they very relationship bound and verbal in speech. This is best practice if you own a Siamese cat because they have allot of energy and need deeper relationship time.

How to Discipline your Cat.

#1 the best way is to say no firmly. This is how you show them what is exactly right and wrong.

#2 If all else fails and your Siamese cat found a way to open the cabinet and eat all the coconut oil then you must show them the jar and firmly say no. If they are hard headed and they keep doing the same thing you told them not to do. Then say no and put them in a crate for a time out. If they are continually defiant then say now and softly slap them on the thigh. Note most domestic cats will not be so hard-headed to hit them. But this may not be so with exotic cats. Exotic cats are different and can be more

#3 The last resort is put them in a crate and take the crate to the pound to see the other cats and see where they came from. Then go back home with them. Next, Every time you need them to calm down, not bother you, or other problem you told them not to do just take out the crate and leave it out for them to see. They will understand they must be on good behavior. This is nonviolent and extreme disciplinary. You will only have to pull out the crate for them to see for the lifetime of the cat to learn lessons.

Note most cats do not need more than step number one discipline because most cats are sensitive and a firm no is all it should take.

Costumes You Should Avoid for Your Cat:


The Student Life


So far, I am doing great in college studies. My writing skills have dramatically improved. I thank God. I realize if I enjoy writing then I should try to do it well. I still can not say I will not make a mistake here and there. It looks like I will not be taking calculus classes at this time. Thank God! Less stress away from mathematics will give me time to get use to everything else. Intense computer science classes will be the focus in 2 months. It will not be stressful, because I will enjoy learning more about technology. This is my academic life. See you later!


Xenon For Christ

Xenon For Christ


I don’t think anyone should want to do any kind of studies on the devil’s ways. But generally they say to defeat your enemy you have to learn about them. It is also biblical to understand the Devil and the Kingdom of Darkness in means to be able to defeat them and protect yourself and other people from their schemes. I am a students of heaven. I dig deep to study those things that most people do not understand and I enjoy it.

In this journal I have learned a lot of legit and practical things about how the Devil and his dominions operate. But in this journal entry I want to express generally one major tactic of the enemy’s warfare in the spirit and on the earth. The weapon is not guns, politics, depression, fear, or lies. The single most dangerous weapon is simple found in one thing…PEOPLE. I know that sounds negative but it is the actually the only weapon the enemy has on the earth against men. It is the use of talents, voice, mind, heart, body, ideas, media, and physical attributes of a human being influenced by darkness that is the only obstacle that I have found to be the threat in spiritual conflicts. This obstacle of a human-being is the only avenue, mediator, angle, channel, that the devil has to attack anyone. This also does not exclude self in areas where one must fight their own selves against negative thinking, self defeat, and self afflictions. These things are also by ignorance of incorrect relations with one’s own soul, heart, and mind.

Depression comes through affairs regarding people or even the negative attacks of one’s self. Fear comes through ideas and media images orchestrated by others talents, arts, and physical threats of danger. All social falls, soul conflicts, and mental instabilities are afflictions from society or one’s own voice and unhealthy habits. Addictions are also fatalities of social disorder and one’s own spiritual weaknesses of guilt, denial, lack of self-control, and fears in the world. Generally learning to how keep peace within oneself is accomplishing spiritual warfare.

We also have people who help heal these kinds of things for others. (Doctors, psychiatrist, and ministers) No, not all people are devil’s. And greatest of all is God Almighty and His Word to aid people in healing.

Again generally the demonic conflicts in life with most people is social pressures, relationships and one’s self. These are the tools the Kingdom of Darkness uses to order his attacks on men. We must understand it.

What I am trying to say is if you will look carefully the problems of Satan’s attack is generally a person in your life doing something and that person can also be yourself. The television shows you watch disturbing your heart is still a person doing creative film talent. The community you live in that gives you anxiety are people who may be chaotic or bad. The family members of someone maybe controlling people or abusive. The job is not terrible it is the boss and the employees that harasses. The music by artists is making you think and act unwell and changing your character and others character.

But another question what if you don’t know the people who are hurting you. Then fight, resist and get away. That is the only way to survive those kind of attacks because that is just the Devil using people. Again people is the only problem we have when dealing with the Satan. The Devil has no power of his own. Only People have the power on the earth. Even antichrist must use a man.

But you may say there is no way I can get away from all these people. That is true. Not all of them. So the only plan you have to develop now is to be the spirit that knows how to operate carefully and spiritually among them. You must become a spirit that knows how to help influence them toward the light. Because there is generally a spirit driving them in the first place, a negative spirit. So why not be the Spirit of Christ to help these people. Generally, those who are easily manipulated by the evil are usually people who need help and have a need for leadership, ministry, or a sort of mentor. They are lost people. And usually lost people are hurting people who are in pain.

So what is the conclusion. You will have to either change yourself to learn how to deal with these people, get rid of them from your life, leave away from them, or learn to change your own abusive tendencies of negative self-defeating ways in life to overcome the devil’s schemes. There must be a change. The answer may be found in finding healthy relationships or learning to be at peace with yourself and God until you do find them. Sometimes one must stand alone or have a few friends. It is better than to have a large group of people in relationships that are covertly or spiritually hurting you. And sometimes it is best to change and become the leader in the world that people are looking for and face everything head on as the light. I have decided to name this article “Xenon for Christ”.

The enemy is biblically known as the prince/spirit of the power of the air

Ephesians 2:2In which in time past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.

Christians are also known to be spiritual with air quality even in prayer and spiritual mystery from biblical and prophetic history like Christ.

John 3:8 – The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound thereof, but can not tell from where it came, and where it goes: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.

Anyone who has the power to deal and minister to people is like Xenon in the spiritual realm as a creative expression of influencing atmosphere, bringing light and removing pain.  Dealing with people is the most difficult task to do in the world and often times takes a brave, spiritual, and loving spirit to do well and succeed. May God bless you to be Xenon for Christ in the World for others.

Definition of Xenon:

xenon (noun)   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Chemical element, chemical symbol Xe, atomic number 54. One of the noble gases, it is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and nearly inert, combining only with fluorine and oxygen and in complexes (see bonding). Xenon occurs in slight traces in Earth’s atmosphere and in rocks. Obtained by fractional distillation of liquefied air, it is used in luminescent tubes (see electric discharge lamp), flash lamps, lasers, and tracer studies and as an anesthetic.

Summer Season I Think of Ice

bedSo it maybe 100 degree weather outside and this is what I may fantasize about.

Writing just for fun in my blog this summer. Here is my blog about my fantasy igloo apartment.  As you all know summer is a challenge for me for in the past I experience low heat tolerance which created  headaches for me that seem to stagnate my thinking skill level. I constantly have thoughts of Russia because it is colder climate and I am fascinated by the culture because they seem to be more emotionally controlled then most Americans and this thought is my opinion. Often I wish I was Russian for admiration of their seeming natural dominate self discipline which I often feel I  lack sometimes. But here is my blog about my fantasy igloo apartment with actual real amazing images of igloo hotels in even colder places in the world. So here is my recreational journal of wishing I was living in this home during the summer where everything is 60-40 degrees inside and even colder outside. Ridiculously cold. It is senseless but after thinking about this for a while I consciously realize that some people may wish they were somewhere else also and so let us be content one may say. It may seeming icy and dark to want to live in a cold place but I have my reasons for desiring such an environment in summer times. I feel if my head is always cold then I can think better which is not always true in western summer climates and so I often wait for autumn or winter and waste summer away with lazy leisure and carefree activities. Stress is the issue at hand and the sun seems to increase the tension in my head which may last a long time. I rather just do whatever I want during summer season. It seems like an excuse but it only takes 1 minute in the heat for me to feel agitated, mean, and confused and may seem to last all day long. This is what low heat tolerance is and I have even experienced what appears to be manic mentality that seems hard to recover if I am not careful. So here is my igloo fantasy of my ice apartment. Would I really live in this thing if I could? Maybe? But eventually I would want to get out the ice but it is funny to think of being an Eskimo in the world but kind of exciting. (merry laughter)

kitchenThe igloo apartment front door, kitchen and hallway.

Based on Best Ice Hotels In the World


This summer I plan to eat foods and herbs that is been know to lower body temperature and try to work projects. Will it work for me? I am not sure but I want to try to work on projects and not wait until Autumn Season. I feel I should be able but I am not very sure how I will feel. I plan to stay cool and and as unstressed as possible. Whatever happens is generally meant to be is what I will believe. Romans 8:28 on the mind.

home2EskimoThermalIglooThermal Igloo Community

churchigloosnowheartAgain it is a fantasy and we all have them. Stay cool and happy this summer! God bless with love.

Planet Woman is Not Perfect but Is it Better??


It is written in the bible that a woman submits herself and her power only if she marries to a man. Eve had to submit to Adam because that was her husband. God said man will have dominion of the earth but he did not say what kind ….WO-MAN. So what does that mean? No I am not a feminist, nor do I hate men. I am fond of most men. I am a idealist for understanding how to resolve problems and always try to think outside of the box for creative solutions and ideas. I am a visionary and that is what I do and is my gifting.

Galatians 3:28 “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. …. there is neither male nor female”

As we all know we live in “A Man’s World”. There are more women in the world but there are more men in prisons? Statistics say the majority of all crimes and human violence are populated by males. What does this really mean and why is it this way? It made me wonder and so I decided to write this article in forethought and the wonder of humanity and society. What if it was a woman’s world ? And the question would be, “What would it be like to live in “Planet Woman”? Here is what your prophetess believes would be the positives and negatives of what it would be like to live in a female dominated world. This may not be far from impossible for women. Women already run almost everything if you look carefully around. But I am not saying this will happen. But than again they said a man can never walk on the moon, or there will never be a cordless telephone, or a toilet can not flush by itself. Nevertheless, all those things have come to pass. In fact, I had realized “Planet Woman” would have almost the same kinds of problems as “A Man’s World” but not exactly. Hope you enjoy this article. I hope it tickles your spirit, makes you wonder, think or feel that anything is possible in this world and life. God bless you.



Well, it kind of looks a little bit like this….. It maybe sweeter, kinder, or it may not be at all. Let us see.


In “Planet Woman” the nations would defend a Queen (a female candidate) and not a King (a male leader). Interesting isn’t it… Sometimes you just have to have the right kind of woman in your life! True.


In “Planet Woman” the majority of males are assets to women for protection and defense for their nation and their queen or leader…

The problems are there is not enough men for all the women. So powerful women fight for keeping more men as assets even in business arena. This is not good.


Again males are fighting wars in behalf of the world’s conflicts and disputes. The men are generally weapons in the hands of women.


Men are few in number and because of the liberty of women in “Planet Woman” the men are pampered and treated very well and even nice. I am not saying this is morally correct for several women to cater to one man but this is what instinctively happens in “Planet Woman”.


Women do allot of negotiating as men do and it is very powerful to change the nation. This should not be a surprise for women already run the church, family, finances and now even in more in politics. They are and become even more powerful in changing the world in a humane and realistic ways.


After the more advanced tampon ice pick inventors arrived who studied the woman’s anatomy for design, sexual crimes and sex trafficking with women and children came to a nonexistence and disappeared from history because most men realized there was great resistance and women were fighting back. The picture below was the first unsuccessful scale design invention and idea of 2014 into 2020 to protect women from sexual attackers. Eventually sex crimes died and the government decided not to retain sex offenders in prisons but to reduce the amount of testosterone hormones in their body for a time as a lawful penalty. It is realized that too much testosterone is the real culprit to offending sexual crimes in men. Previous science shows that too much testosterone makes men aggressive automatically.

Reducing testosterone levels did not hurt these men but just prevented sexual aggression to  commit more crimes. This also helped save the global prison system to preserve more funds for economical use instead. The majority of prisons began to hold fewer and fewer men. Sex trafficking of children ceased as well as other violent crimes in society around the world.

Because of competition in “Planet Woman” even female sports have even become more competitive and even aggressive. Not saying this is good either.


Women are still invigorated about beauty as always and because of the freedom of women in a woman’s world it would all appear like paradise as they flaunt themselves wearing whatever they want anywhere. But don’t be deceived……


Unfortunately, no matter what angels you run across in this world you will always run across cruel women and corruption in “Planet Women”. But even in a man worlds you will always find bad people too. And on “Planet Women” there is allot of jealousy among women for beauty and power. Wicked people seem to never go away. It seems the world never will change in allot of areas. Prayer.


Like in “A Man’s World” there is still crime and fighting. It seems a woman is very similar to a man in several ways. Things just don’t seem to change even in a woman’s world.


Everything is a social and community among women who like to communication. Neighborhoods are united very quickly because of this. It will be hard to feel too left out or alone in “Planet Woman”.


It seems cooking and food is a very important issue in woman’s world. Feasts and preparing meals are found every where at all times. cooking and feed others is very important and taken in high priority in “Planet Woman”. Women are cooking all the time in society and this is taken as a pride and joy. The men are well fed!


The mother is always found in the heart of a woman’s world. Unity and concern is taken. Famine would never be heard of in “Planet Woman”. There is to much food in the world and women know how to communicate to prepare a table for everyone.

It does appear everything was girlie sometimes ..colorful like a candy store but what do you expect from it all.


Things just kept getting sweeter and sweeter and well pinker it seemed..


Chocolate is taken very seriously in “Planet Woman”. The decorative and the fancy is common place…. taken too seriously I feel…the women are very well pampered and even eccentric in their ways. This is how things are. They exaggerate everything for fun and amusement…

…even beauty and fashion as always is the pride of “Planet Woman”. Even men are carried away into a more romantic and exaggerated poet demeanor. The men become more fancier in dress and wearing even some make up seems to become normal for males in “Planet Woman”. It just happens and becomes accepted as cultural norms and did not take away from their attractiveness. The men become softer, more gentle and even demure but it is not always with them all but you will see allot of of this in “Planet Women”.


Men wear eyeliner in “Planet Women” and other kinds of face make up.  It was attractive on them. And some even light lipstick. Depends who he is but it was sometimes a rocker star look or a romantic look. You can gasp if you want…


..because they even wore nail polish done by salon experts in salons. It was very popular even in business and showed they had taste and usually were wealthy men  needing a manicure. Asian men wore designs, American males preferred blue or dark colors, and Europeans wore even explicitly red!

men’s-nail-polish-3   bluepolish


Magazines and makeup is loved in this world and fashion and it seems that most things will not change with most women in the world. And yes fashion also for men became unreal, bizarre and uncontrolled. It was very unusual. It seemed like a entirely different world. Was it planet earth any more?

In your near by communities you would see this or even stranger things walking down the streets in “Planet Woman”!

poodlePeacock poodle in Neighborhood

Allot of women learned to unite and could never imagine going back to the ways things were in “A Man’s World” and there is community even apart from jealous and envy that women seem to feel so easily. Even some men say that they would not want to go back either and seem to be happier people and lofty in spirit.


But there will always be those protesters that just want things to go back to what things use to be like in the past in “A Man’s World” and some make things clear that they prefer to keep the traditions.

noplantwomanProtester holding sign “No Planet Woman!”

Is “Planet Woman” better or just different? Well that is up to you to personally decide the answer to that question.


My Summer Sabbath Break


It will be summer soon and like every year I am not on the internet. There are some spiritual and natural reasons for my break in this particular season. To enjoy the summer I must not be strained. And technology is best for me when all is cool. Also I prefer more leisure during this time to be more spiritually vigilant be all for all is more intense during the summer time. I have come to realize everything is more aggressive and active during this season. I also enjoy very much swimming. The things I want to do most of the time in summer are resting, writing, painting, working out, discover new recipes, swimming, and playing with pets. During this time I prefer playing allot or resting allot. I can be and am sometimes very lazy during this season and may prefer to rest allot if I want to. During the summer I want to be free from care. And to my joy I begin again to work with technology beginning Autumn through Winter to Spring. Autumn is  the season me and the Lord fell in love in the Holy Spirit. It is our spiritual anniversary season. Autumn is the sacred time the Lord seeks more of my attentions  to renew our love for the year. I am most loving during the Autumn to everyone. I am most sensitive to fall in love. Also the temperature is just right for my moods. People are more like librarians during this time and are calm and relaxed after the great activities of the summer is over. I also like the Autumn fashions of earth tones, boots, scarf, light trench coats, simple jackets, long dresses, and anything that cloaks or covers me and is romantic or elegant looking. I also like sporty and tomboy fashions as well when I feel to do so. Spring is around the corner and Summer time will be here soon. I will return and see everyone in the Autumn again. I want to make the best time on the internet while I still have the time. Praising God the Lord of the seasons.





Valencia’s Testimony and Story

What? Fake. I remember a person on the internet telling me that that they thought that I was fake. It is certainly no surprise but it made me feel that I should share a little bit of my heart and story. I don’t usually let what people say about me bother me but that word “fake” is a word I did not like. In the dictionary it is described as  not genuine or real. Fake: “Somebody or something not genuine: a person or thing that appears or is presented as being genuine but is not. Someone who is fraudulent and not real in heart. ” I do not like that definition when I am genuine to my testimony. And here it is. God bless you.


I find resolve to open up and share a bit of my story, tragedy, and testimony in a brief article blog. Details are not in the article but I find it good to share how I started doing internet art and evangelism.  It is written “that they shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” (Revelations 12:11)

My general career profession is a tech support specialist and also a studied minister.  I remember that day it was about 3 years of problems and healing. I was headed back home from a good day at work  when all the changes occurred….

Car Wreck

Suddenly I was hit and I looked around for what happened. It was a female teenager who hit my car and drove off from the scene in a hurry and disappeared. I was not bleeding on the outside.  I felt I was okay and was in good shape. Nothing broken or anything. Thank God!  But later I realized  had headache problems that affect my thinking and moods during the time of healing. I tried to go to work anyways but it was not to my best performance.


I experienced headaches at work and it affected my job performance at jobs for years. I was not the same at all. I tried to fight it anyway and struggled to perform at all costs for I need to pay my bills and take care of my personal life. I struggled to get rid of the headaches because I needed to be able . I believe that I healed from the trauma of this event that lasted for years. During the years, I was not well. The doctors offered medicine and stress tips but it seemed to not help relieve the issues during the time.

Moods Changes

I would experience such severe mood changes that I felt I was like 2 different people sometimes. One being like a mean lady and the other just like an angel. Did it create insecurities? Yes, of course! I knew it was odd and I started to realize this was some kind of trauma to my head. I did my best to stay away from people because I did not know how to fix things and I did not want people to see this in me. I even started to feel I was not fit enough to preach the Gospel but I know the devil is a liar. I started to remove all forms of guilt and shame regarding it and started to accept who I was just the way I was in Christ and nothing less. Perfect or not perfect. We must be real to ourselves. I started absorbed myself in technology, all kinds of gadgets, arts, the word of God, and prayer. And that is how I looked at the internet in the first place. Other wise, I don’t believe It would have ever happened . In the past, I was not really a internet knowledgeable person.

I started feeling like I was hiding behind a mask in society. I sometimes felt lost but I prayed and looked for the Lord. I asked the Father why I was healing so slowly and why He even let this accident happen to me.  But my faith still held on toward Jesus Christ my personal Lord and Savior even when I did not understand everything. I would just remember Romans 8:28,  “All things work for good of those who love the Lord..” And I believe even tragedy will work for good as we believe in his faithful word.

I found that art soothed my spirit and some of my l pain and made everything more expressive as an outlet. I even feel in love with artists and their artwork that I found on the internet. Art was like therapy to me. I found painting my face in the technology was like trying to recreate my life and made me feel better and also helped me share the gospel of Christ in a creative way and was somewhat enjoyable. Some people may even say it was a mask. Maybe it was a mask but I do not know what to say about that really. This is how everything shows. I am an artist. I am a woman and of God. I believe we must overcome by faith in the Lord and Savior. And this is is what I want to share in this internet blog. Jesus lives us as we can survive  and overcome in the hope of his word.  And this is my genuine testimony.  Praise the Lord! I was glad to share. God give us grace to be his witness while we yet live in the world! Amen.  ♥

– Valencia Malloren.



@ 2013